East End Park

True to its name, it's located on the east end of the Village, just off Rte. 4.

Accessible on foot from the public parking lot on the North side of Rte. 4 (where there are EV charging stations), there's also a brand new walking path along the river.

The park itself is an easy flat walk to a spectacular spot overlooking the river, with views of the Iron Bridge and Mt. Tom to the West and Billings Farm across the way.

There is also river access, for those who want to fish or launch a kayak and take a ride down to Taftsville, where there is a spot to haul out before the dam.

There are several picnic benches, which were installed as part of a local Eagle Project. And Abracadabra Coffee roastery is located in the red barn at the end of the park - they host fun and delicious collaborations on the weekends!

Find the East End Park on this map of Woodstock.