Middle Covered Bridge

Likely the most photographed bridge in Woodstock, the 139-foot-long Middle Covered Bridge is a breathtaking sight to behold no matter the season. Pause on this town lattice truss structure in the height of summer for a break from the heat. Stand back in spring or fall for a show of brilliant color in view of its old wooden walls or admire the Mt Tom star shining bright above the bridge’s snow-crusted roof in winter.

Built in 1969 by Milton Graton to replace an 1877 iron bridge, the Middle Covered Bridge is the second-youngest structure in our list but contains centuries’ worth of charm! That’s because it was constructed using traditional methods and materials down to the wooden pegs in lieu of nails. After it was set aflame by arsonists in 1974, the bridge was repaired to its current glory, as seen today. With a separate walkway for foot traffic and its location on a quiet side street, it’s easy to snap your own spectacular shot.

Find the Middle Covered Bridge on this map of Woodstock.